Instant boiling water systems deliver boiling water from a tap installed over your sink. These systems make waiting for the kettle to boil a thing of the past. All systems will have a safety locking mechanism, either a safety lock button or the need to use two adult fingers to operate the system.

Emergency rooms across Toronto are treating burns caused by hot water taps on a daily basis, usually in children. It is essential to have your hot water set at a safe level for all members of your family.

Your hot water system may have an external dial to set the temperature or it may be under the outer cover which will be an easy adjustment. The recommended temperature is 50 degrees Celsius. Some models display the temperature, however others just have a dial with no numbers leaving you to either guess or use you home thermometer to work it out . In some cases the best action is to install a tempering valve to ensure the hot and cold water is mixing correctly to deliver the desired water temperature.

Which ever method you need to use, enlisting the help of a licensed plumber will ensure it is done correctly.

Continuous hot water systems heat the water as it is needed by passing cold water through a heat exchanger device, igniting a gas burner or switching on an electric element heating the water. Continuous hot water systems are very economical.

Some advantages of water tank are:

  •  They can save you money on water bills
  •  You may be entitled to a government rebate
  •  They are environmentally responsible
  •  Your garden will always be the greenest in the street even during water restrictions
  •  They will reduce your pool costs

Aquaman has an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day. Just call our 24 hour hotline +1 (437) 229-4544

1. Run hot water through the sink.

2.Throw some baking soda into the drain and follow it with hot water.

3.Pour a cup of vinegar down to the drain and wait for 30 minutes; then chase it down with hot water.

4.Ask for assistance. Aquaman Plumbing provides 24 hours services.

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