Hot water tank issues

There is an important part on the top of the hot water tank which is called RELIEF VALVE. And it’s shown in the picture:

This part will help your hot water tank to release the excess water under pressure and will balance the pressure. This issue is completely normal for all hot water tanks and you shouldn’t have any concerns about it. 

However, if the relief valve stop working sometimes it can be dangerous and you must have a plumber to check your relief valve often to make sure it is working properly. 

Some common reason of hot water tank leaking:

*An incorrect temperature and pressure relief valve

*Improper water pressure


*A stuck valve

*A leak from nearby plumbing connection

*Loose heating element bolts

*A bad gasket

*A leaking water tank

If you faced any of the issues listed above, call us immediately to avoid harmful damages.

Hot water tank issues

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