Month: March 2021

How to keep the drains clean

Hot water: Run hot water through the sink. Hot water keeps oils in food products running down the drain, instead of building up on the interior surface of pipes, which can make drains sluggish and lead to clogs and odors. Baking soda: Throw some baking soda into the drain and follow it with hot water. Baking soda […]

What are the reason of bad smell and odor from the drainage system?

Food, hair, grease, soap particles, and other gunk can line your pipes. Even if they don’t form a clog, they attract bacteria, which release foul odors. requent Clogged vent pipes: When debris clogs drain vents, water can start to pool in the sink. This sluggish water movement leads to stagnant odors. Sewer gases: Empty P-traps lets sewer […]

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